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อุปกรณ์ที่ใช้ในโรงฉีด (Accessories)

Screw and Barrel


Screw and Barrel of injection molding machine

Metal Seperator

Metal separator.png

Metal Detecting Seperator

Mould dehumidifyers

mould de.png

Mould dehumidifiers

Granulating and Recycling

screenless granulator.png

Screenless Granulators

Mute Centralized granulator.png

Mute Centralized Granulators

Slow speed granulators.png

Low-speed Granulators

Powerful Granulator.png

Powerful Granulators

Drying and Dehumidifying

euro hopper dryer.png

Eurohopper dryer

2 in 1 honeycomb.png

2 in 1 Honeycomb Dehumidifies


Drying & Conveying TDL-Series

Tray cabinet dryers.png

Tray Cabinet Dryers

All in one comact dryer.png

“All in one” Compact dryers

Honeycomb hudimifier.png

HoneyComb Dehumidifies

hopper dryer.png

Hopper dryer

Feeding and Conveying

Heating and Cooling

Dosing and Mixing

single color volumetric doser.png

Volumetric Dosers

Material mixer.png

Material Mixer

vibrating screen.png

Volumetric Dosers

weighting mix machine.png

Weighting Type Mixing Machine

Propotional valve.png

Proportional Valves

Vertical mixer.png

Vertical Batch Mixers

rotary mixer.png

Rotary Color Mixer

Screw and Barrel
Metal Seperator
Mould Dehumidifyiers
Granulating and Recycling
Drying and Dehumidifying
Feeding and Conveying
Heating and Cooling
Dosing and Mixing
Euro hopper loaders TAL-6U.png

Euro-self hopper Loader

Euro Vacuum Loader open type.png

Euro separated open type Vacuum loader

Screw feeder 1 .png

Screw Feeder

Self Contained hopper loader

Self-contained Hopper Loader

1 to 6 hopper reciver.png

“One-to-six” Seperate Type Hopper loader

Copy of U type Automatic Poweder Conveyi

U Type Automatic Powder Conveying

Separate Vacuum hopper loaders TAL-800G.

Separate-Vacuum Hopper loaders

Venturi Loaders - VL-120.png

Venturi loaders


Belt Conveying

water heaters TM-600D.png

Water Heaters

Chiller TIC-5w.png

Water-Cooled Water Chillers

Oil heater TM-600-O.png

Oil Heaters

Water Chiller TIC-A.png

Air-Cooled Air Chillers


Dual-purpose Water/Oil Heaters

Water Chiller TICC630SW.png

Water-Cooled Central Water Chillers

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