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Eurohopper dryer

euro hopper dryer.png


• Innovative design with sleek appearance.
• Hot air down-blowing design ensures even distribution of hot air to maintain

  a steady temperature in the hopper and increase drying efficiency.
• All material contact surfaces are made of stainless steel.
• Material clearance door seal and makes clean down more convenient and        effective. (models THD-80U and above).
• Microprocessor is used for accurate temperature control.
• Digital P.I.D temperature control LED display. 7 days automatic start/stop timer

  to improve energy saving.
• Aluminium based as a standard equipment.
• Option accessories : magnetic base (aluminium or stainless steel), mobile floor stand, suction box, hot air recycling, exhaust air filter, blower inlet filter.
• Drying hopper and hopper lid can be fully insulated for high temperature application.


THD-80U+floor stand and suction box

THD-20U_450U with floor stand.png

THD-20U/450U with floor stand



THD-1500U+floor stand


Euro-Hopper Dryer tb.png
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