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Euro separated open type Vacuum loader

Euro Vacuum Loader open type.png


• Data backed up on EEPROM in case of power failure.

• It consists of cyclone dust separator and a dust collective bin to effectively reduce the loader of filter.    It can be equiped with two propotional valve.

• Stainless Steel mesh filter as standard. Options filter cleaning device available for automatic cleaning      (model denotes “C”) and air accumulator to TAL-12U-C/CE and model above.

• Economy models can be offered on request. (Cloth filter as standard,second filter is removed).

• Provide both standard and optional heat-insulative Euro collective hopper TAL-6U/12U/24U for              selection (Except for TAL-UGP series, which will use special collective hopper).

• Based on customer’s demand, the cloth bag type and plate-type filters can be selected to the machine.

• The air accumulator and self-cleaning device are standard equipment.

• On customer’s demand, TAL-UG main unit (3.5HP above) can be equip with either single stage or          double stage blower.

• Upon request, it can be built to comply with worldwide electrical safety standard (For example:CE).


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