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Mould Dehumidifiers

mould de.png
Lcd touch screen.png

LCD Touchscreen

control panel.png

Control panel


• Opts P.I.D. temperature control system, can set regenerative temp and have          display screen of actual temp.

• Honeycomb rotor is used to ensure steady air dehumidifying effect
• With main power switch, it ensures safety of operation and maintenance.
• Motor overload and phase reverse alarm functions are provided.

•  Return air cooling and filtering are provided.
• Under normal atmospheric conditions, the air humidity can be controlled            precisely all year round.
• Prolong service life of mold, reduce corrosion, and yet reduce product flaws and    defective product rate.
• Air temperature generated by this series of machine is about 30°C, which            ensures no moisture condensation
on view window of the molding machine by    making the ambient temp. not too low.

Type selection reference

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