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Air-Cooled Air Chillers

Water Chiller TIC-A.png



  • Cooling capacity from 7 °C – 35 °C

  • Stainless insulated water tank and anti-freeze thermostat

  • R22 refrigerant used as standard for efficient cooling.

  • Refrigerant loop controlled by high and low pressure switches

  • Compressor and pump overload relays

  • Italian made temperature controller maintains an accuracy of ± 1 °

  • Compact design, easy to operate and maintain

  • Low pressure pumps are standard confrigurations, while middle or high pressure pumps

  • are optionally available

  • Level meter of water tank is available as an option

  • All adopt Copeland compressors.

  • TIC-A adopts tube-fin condenser design without any need of cooling water for excellent heat transfer and rapid cooling.

  • Upon request, it can be built to comply with worldwide electrical safety standards (EX. CE, UL, CSA, JIS, etc.)


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