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2 in 1 Honeycomb Dehumidifies

2 in 1 honeycomb.png
dew point monitor.png

Dewpoint Moniter (built in)

2 in 1 touchscreen.png

Touch screen

2 in1 honeycomb.png


• The TDD dehumidifying dryer use honeycomb dehumidifiers with an eye-catching semi-integral appearance.

• Each model combines dehumidifying and drying functions into a single unit.
• Material processing is controller via microprocessor as standard with touch screen

  PLC control as an option for more convenient control.
• Insulated drying hopper features dry air down blowing and cyclone exhaust design.

  This improves drying efficiency and reduces energy consumption whilst maintaining

  a steady drying effect.
• Compact in size for ease of movement and space saving.
• The dehumidifying section of the TDD series features two condensers to ensure a low

  reture air temperature and low dew-point.
• Dew-point monitor can be fitted to check dry air dew-point,
• Optional suction box and hopper loader for added convenience when conveying material.


2 in 1 Honey tb.png
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