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“One-to-six” Seperate Type Hopper loader

1 to 6 hopper reciver.png


• “One-to-six” Hopper loader can greatly lower the cost

• Stable program can be upgraded.

• WATCHDOG easy for trouble shooting

• The dust collective chamber features a cyclone seperater and a dust collective bin to                  effectively reduce the load of the filter

• To ensure smooth material conveying,hopper receiver has diaphragm valve equip on.

• Main unit equips with faults and motor overload indicators to show fault fast.

• CE safety plug ensures safe and reliable operation.

• Universal mounting bracket for hopper receiver with max, adjustable can be supplied as option.

• Option collective hopper can be directly mounted on moulding machine, when working with a      glass-tube hopper receiver.


19 “One-to-six” tb.png
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