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“All in one” Compact dryers

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TCD series compact dryers are equipped with honeycomb rotor for dehumidifying.
They have two kinds of design: Fully-integral and semi-integral depending on the        size.
Suitable for drying hygroscopic engineering plastics such as PA, PC, PBT, PET, etc.
Integration of dehumidifying, drying, and two-stage conveying functions in a single      unit.

Three-stage conveying is also available as an option.
Insulated drying hopper features dry air down-blowing and cyclone exhaust design.
This improves drying efficiency and reduces energy consumption which maintaining    a steady drying effect.
Closed-loop conveying system eliminates the possibility of moisture re-absorption        during material conveying.
The dehumidifying section of TCD series features two condensers to ensure a low        reture air temperature and low dew-point.
Equipped with pneumatic shut-off valve to ensure no material remains in the            material line after each loading cycle.
Material processing is controlled via microprocessor as standard with touch screen        PLC control as an option for centralised and automatic operation.
Dew-point monitor can be fitted to monitor and display dry air dew-point.

Specification (Full-intergral Design)

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Specification (Semi-intergral Design)

All in one 2 2.png
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