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Water-Cooled Central Water Chillers

Water Chiller TICC630SW.png



  • German-made twin screw compressor, long service life to ensure can make sure continuous operation.

  • Two energy saving modes are design to meet customers requirements.

  • Evaporated and Condenser built strictly according to national requirements

  • Extendability of the controller makes upgrade of both hardware and

    software are easier.

  • "Watchdog" technology makes micro-processor able to automatically diagnose

    and solve the problems

  • 512 K memory for programs and 128 K off-power data storage.

  • Touch screen panel.

  • System alarm text.

  • Able to monitor the setting of actual temp and display temp trend in hours or in daily.

  • Remote control function turns on/off the machine according to preset timer.

  • Support multi-language switch.


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