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Euro-self hopper Loader

Euro hopper loaders TAL-6U.png





• TAL-1.5U~TAL-12U use carbon brush motor with high rotation speed, Large air flow. It is easy to install      and move the small machine.

• Microprocessor control is easy to operate. Control the machine accurately with mutiple alarm indicators.

• Indicators of motor started assurance.
• European two-propotion-valve electrical control function(optional).
• Hopper and Base can be adjusted to arbitrary direction.
• TAL-U use the magnetic switch, while TAL-U-E use the photoelectric proximity

  switch. It is sentitive, and in stable quality.
• All models are equipped with hinged hopper cover, conveient to clean the filter.

• TAL-3U/6U and other Larger models can be equipped with outer dia 275mm base, and mounted with      hopper dryers THD-40U / THD-12 and other larger models (installation size : 180mm*180mm)

• TAL-1.5U model equipped with outer dia 220mm base can be mounted with THD-20U/40U

  (installation size : 140mm*140mm)

• TAL-U series are all with cloth filter, auto spray cleaning & dust removal device. Spray cleaning

  accumulators are optional to be used with TAL-6U and other larger models in order to reduce

  the manual clean times, and keep the equipment operation function.
• Standard insulated European aggregate bin TCH-6U/12U/24U are optional. Equipped with

  aggregate bin under the hopper with magnetic swtich, the loader can be directly mounted

  to the injection molding machine.
• Upgraded to European Safety Circuit, add “CE” to the model.


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