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Mute Centralized Granulators

Mute Centralized granulator.png
mute granu1 dimension.png
blade saddle cutter.png

Blade cutter saddle

claw cutter.png

Claw cutter saddle

Flat cutter.png

Flat cutter saddle

mute granu2 dimension.png
flat saddle cutter.png

Flat cutter saddle


Roasting blade adopts the latest' v' cutting techonlogy.Plastic materials will be conveyed to the center of roasting cutter,ensuring no materials pasting up on the side wall and prolong its life.

• Cutter is made of imported high quality material,with high hardness,long life and wear-resisting ability. It is grinding and reusable.

• Cutter base is optinal. Simple and convinient blade installation technology ensures roasting blade and fixed blade adjustable in the clamp.

• Granulating chamber of high hadness, processd by numerical control machine,has the following features: big thickness,high strength, wear-resisting abilit, no contamination, long life and easy maintainess.

• Precise design, totally enclosed sound-proofing box with low level nosie.
• Totally sound-proof charging box enables the granulator running with low level noise. With the material

fender, plastic materials will not splash out when granulating.
• Balanced running,precise corporation,convinienf access and easy maintainess.
• Charging box is uncovered by electric putter, with self-locking function, easy operation.
• Dust separator is for option. Height of floor stand is adjustable in a range.
• Cooling water clip is helpful to efficiently reduce granulate chamber's temperature.
• Additional fixed blades could be used to enhance its granulating ability against massiness materials. • Against the material with fibre, granulating chamber and other releated parts shall be surface

hardnening treated.
• Upon request, it can be built to comply with worldwide electrical safety standard( for example:CE)


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