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Drying & Conveying TDL-Series





• Various model for customer to choose freely.

• Takes little space and easy for transportation and replacement.
• Adopts propotional deviation temp. Indicating controller which controls the temp.accurately.
• Stainless steel hopper ensures no material pollutions.
• Equips with alarming light to show faults at once.
• Hopper separated from it base, ensures cleaning conveniently.
• Enviroment protective hot air recycling device can save energy up to 40%, without hot air or dust discharging. • A closed loop material loading system to prevent the dryed material from contacting with outside air so

  to avoid damping.

• TDL intergrate drying and single tube loading into one unit, adopts temp.controller to accurately

  control temp.24-hour timer is available for choose.
• Usual base and single tube suction box are standard accessories.
• Hopper is ready for polishing so to ensure no material pollutions.
• Hot air recycle, blower inlet filter, air filter, cyclone dust collector, magnetic base, hopper magnet.

• Euro suction box as your options.
• Can match with TAL-900G to realize the two-stage loading function.



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